Booking flight from EU to China

  • updated on the 7th of June 2021

Targeted Audience

  • People booking flights to China from EU during the covid pandemic period.

General Advice

  • Do not rely on google flights.
  • Book at least a month in advance.
  • Take no more than one transit.
  • See local Chinese embassy websites for detailed rules regarding travels and testing.

Currently operating Airlines

  • see links:
  • The above links (updated more frequently than this page) lists all possible routes from the UK to China transiting via various EU member states. To find a flight from a certain country, look for flights that transit via that country then book from respective airlines.
  • Note when booking from a specific airline please check if they have dedicated non-Chinese websites (e.g. .uk) since the flight information is not always in-sync between the Chinese and non-Chinese websites.

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